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Hi! We're LDS Democrats.

We're an official caucus of the Utah State Democratic Party, and we're a big tent. We are proof that the LDS Church is home to a diversity of political opinion, and we aim to be a bridge between the LDS people of Utah and the Democratic Party.
Statement of Principles

Utah has a rich heritage and a bright future. Our families are the basic units of society, and their success determines the success of our communities. For this reason, our mission is to reduce economic stress, create safe neighborhoods, and provide quality educational and community resources. We take our stewardship over the natural world seriously. We strive to make our communities welcoming and safe for all of Utah's people without regard for when they first came to our great state. We recognize the hand of Divinity in the US Constitution, and we seek to ensure that the rights and freedoms it provides are available to everyone.
Our vision: Encourage more Latter-day Saints to participate and feel welcome in the Democratic Party and vote for Democratic candidates.
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